Real Estate Barcamp OKC Headed Your Way!

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Oklahoma City’s first Real Estate Barcamp is officially on tap for May 2, 2012! Our friend Brian Copeland, who founded the REBarCamp Nashville, came up with a list of things that’ll help you get the most out of the REBarCamp experience:

  1. Clear your mind of pre-conceived notions of a conference.
    This event is truly like none other. If you’re hoping for a typical state or local conference-type session experience, YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED. If you’re looking for impressive PowerPoint presentations, fancy handouts and smooth rhetoric, YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED. If you have an open mind to what can happen, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!
  2. Create a Twitter account.
    Name badges will include your Twitter name, and understand that many attendees (and rebarcampers around the world) keep their eye on stuff that comes out of barcamps via Twitter.
  3. Use the #REBCOKC Hashtag.
    When you tweet, you can “throw” a post into a place for lots of people to see it.  Using the # symbol or “hashtag” sends the message to the interest group on Twitter. Now you can start networking and creating contacts, referral partners and friends before you even show up and keep those contacts flowing after the event. Here’s an example of the Tweet you can shout out into the world “Heading to #REBCOKC in May.  Who else is in?”
  4. Be ready to use the camera on your phone.
    There will be no formal programs handed out because there is no formal program. It is created that morning and placed on a board. That board becomes crazy in the morning, and you may want to shoot a quick pic of the grid for your reference as you move through the day.
  5. Don’t wear normal business attire.
    This is a casual, fun event. There’s no attitude and no uniforms, only a spirit of transparent sharing. You may find yourself sitting on a floor for a unexpectedly popular session. You may find yourself needing comfortable shoes to stand during a session. You simply do not know.
  6. Check the forecast and bring an umbrella.
    While all the sessions are inside, you will be outside during registration, going to lunch and heading over to COOP Brewery for the tour.
  7. Update your personal contact info on your phone.
    While people WILL have business cards there, many will be in the mood to “bump,” “beam” and “upload.” If you’re not familiar with the technology, ask someone how to do it. This is the time to lose the fear and find your answers.
  8. Create a Facebook account or increase your exposure prior to the event.
    Let your sphere know you are coming and see who else may be there. Again, like Twitter, it’s a great way to network before and after.
  9. Stay away from people you know.
    This not the time to hang in your comfort zone when there are opportunities to make new contacts and grow your network. We  may have agents from far outside the OKC area attend. You’ll want to meet, greet and build relationships with these people!
  10. Clear your calendar after 4:30 too.
    After your brain is full and swirling, you’ll want to enjoy the time after the camp with your newly-found contacts. Plan on hanging out at the host bar/restaurant, dinner with friends and even more networking afterward. Get a babysitter ready, set your DVR that night or tell your trainer that this night isn’t going to work for you.